Formatura Mestre Pedigree

Art direction for a major Capoeira event in St-Etienne, France.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines fight, dance, acrobaties and musicality.
Developped by enslaved Africans in Brazil, it is today one of the most representative of Afro-Brazilian culture outside of Brazil.
I had the opportunity to design the visual for an important event in the Capoeira community: The graduation of a Master.
Mestre Pedigree began giving classes in Rio de Janeiro 20 years ago. He started teaching in Saint-Etienne, France 10 years ago. Hence the 10 and 20 on the visual.
The red ribbon represents the red belt that is given to the master.
Africa is the origin of the creators of Capoeira.
First sketches
Trying shapes before I got the right feeling.
First tries in Illustrator.
The poster
The threefold brochure given to the participants. Recto
The threefold brochure given to the participants. Verso
Thank you!


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