It’s amazing how controversial it is to ask for equality and justice... How is it possible to not acknowledge police brutality and discrimination against minorities?

Things are changing and those folks who don’t want to let go of their privileges are fighting back. They’re finding all kinds of reasons to condemn the protests, arguing it’s not the right way to ask for a change... What’s the right way that hasn’t been tried yet? Are they conscious that they are fighting to keep their privileges against people who just want a decent and fearless life (they’re evil and they acknowledge it)? Or are they so unconscious that their minds are locked in the 18th century?

It makes me sick to read all their comments and rants on Instagram and Twitter... When a caterpillar is about to metamorphose into a butterfly, it goes all crazy before cocooning. I think we are in that crazy phase. And the real authentic crazy people are the ones resisting the change that is definitely coming. It might take a few years, but it’s going in the right direction.

Black Lives Matter Everywhere & Forever. #supportblacklivesmatter .


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